How much will my new lawn cost?

Date: 24-11-2021

It's good to know the rough costs of a lawn when starting a lawn sowing project. This blog will spell out how much a lawn will cost you taking into account a few different lawn types and a lawn size of 100sqm lawn.

While your lawn might be smaller or larger it's a good way to get a general idea of cost and sizing. Multiply or divide the amount to take into account the lawn size at your place!

While all our lawn seeds have high germination rates and are high quality, there are differences between the blends that we give the following Quality Rating:

Premium Lawn Surface *****

Quality Lawn Surface ****

Economical Lawn Surface ***

 If you can afford to spend a little more it can make a big difference to the look and quality of your lawn. 

Warm Season Lawns - Grass seed cost per kilo and 100 sqm lawn

*Please note price changes can occur without prior notice. Prices include GST.


 1. All Season Couch

This is a lawn blend with warm season Couch Grass and cool season Perennial Ryegrass & Fine Fescue. A great balance for states with cooler winters.

Price Range: $11.95 - $248.13 (600gm - 20kg)

Premium Lawn Surface *****


2. Turbocote Couch

A blend of Unhulled and Hulled Bermuda grasses. It will establish quickly and produce a lawn with good wear resistance and turf recovery.  Superior coating to assist germination.

Price Range: $46.50 - $430.00 (1kg - 10kg)

Quality Lawn Surface ****


3. La Prima Couch

A Certified blend of improved turf-type seeded couchgrass varieties.

The varieties in La Prima were chosen for their strong individual benefits and characteristics to provide an extremely high quality turf.

Price Range: $60.50 - $1,101.10 (1kg - 20kg)

Premium Lawn Surface *****


4. Turbocote Kikuyu

100% Kikuyu seed which once germinated and established will tolerate heavy wear and tear. 

Kikuyu is a highly drought tolerant grass variety and holds it’s colour well in most situations.

Price Range: $90.20 - $803.00 (1kg - 10kg)

Premium Lawn Surface *****


5. Drought Master Lawn Seed Blend

Combines drought tolerant cool season grasses as well as summer hardy couchgrass.

Ideal for home lawns and landscaped areas.

Price Range: $41.40 -  $147.75 (5kg - 20kg)

Quality Lawn Surface ****


6. All Season Kikuyu Lawn Seed Blend

90% Perennial Ryegrass + 10% Kikuyu

The Perennial Ryegrass establishes quickly and gives the turf excellent wear tolerance, with Kikuyu to provide Summer drought tolerance.

Price Range: $11.15 -  $302.95 (600gm - 20kg)

Quality Lawn Surface ****


Find out more about WARM Season Grasses here.


Cool Season Lawns - Grass seed cost per kilo and 100 sqm lawn

*Please note price changes can occur without prior notice. Prices include GST.


 1. Budget Blend Lawn Seed

Perennial Ryegrass will establish rapidly and gives the turf superior wear resistance. A high germination rate, dark green in colour with great texture.

Price Range: $10.95 - $147.00 (1kg - 20kg)

Economical Lawn Surface ***


2. General Purpose Lawn Seed Blend

60% Perennial Ryegrass, 30% Bentgrass, 10% Fine Fescue

Designed to sustain year round colour, rapid germination and good wear tolerance.

Price Range: $47.85 - $164.51 (5kg - 20kg)

Quality Lawn Surface ****


3. Premium Lawn Seed Blend

Kentucky Bluegrasses and Fine Ryegrasses - This premium blend will tolerate very low winter temperatures with a dark green appearance. Has self repairing qualities.

Price Range: $68.00 - $125.50 (5kg - 10kg)

Premium Lawn Surface *****


4. Greenland Lawn Seed Blend

Tall Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass - A quality lawn which will be the envy of your neighbours.

Prcie Range: $70.40 - $245.00 (5kg - 20kg)

Premium Lawn Surface *****


5. Sun and Shade Blend

A clever combination of varieties which is best for shaded lawns. Using the most shade tolerant grasses on the market combined with quick establishing Perennial Ryegrass and the dark green colour of Kentucky Bluegrass.

Price Range: $77.25 - $296.51 (5kg - 20kg)

Premium Lawn Surface *****


6. Defiant TTT

100% Turf Type Ryegrass - Great for sports, children's play, pets and high wear areas. With a fine texture and fast establishment it's back in use quicker than other lawn types after heavy wear.

Price Range: $15.50 - $128.70 (1kg - 10kg)

Premium Lawn Surface *****


7. Defiant XRE Tall Fescue

100% Turf Type Rhizomatous Tall Fescue. Superior water absorption and wear recovery with excellent drought tolerance.

Price Range: $18.95 - $274.00 (1kg - 20kg)

Premium Lawn Surface *****


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PLUS Remember that all new lawns need a KICKSTART FERTILISER. Spread your fertiliser at a rate of 3kgs per 100 square metre (that's about $15).


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