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When researching the type of lawn seed to buy you’ll need to get your head around what exactly cool and warm season grasses are… and if they’re going to suit the climate and conditions at your place.

Cool season and warm season grasses can both be excellent choices – but it’s important to know that as the seasons change they will too.


Cool season grasses are comfortable underfoot and often have a brilliant green colour.  If watered during warm seasons they’ll maintain this colour all year round.  The most commonly known varieties include Ryegrasses, Fescues, Bluegrasses and Bentgrasses. Cool season grasses thrive during the spring and autumn periods as they boom when the temperatures are lower than 25 degrees.  They struggle more in the hotter months and can disappear over the summer months, having less tolerance for high heat and drought.

So this means that their best for the following areas:  Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, ACT and some areas of New South Wales 

If you love the look of a lush, comfortable and green lawn and are willing to provide extra hydration in the summer months then  a cool season lawn might be right for you! 

Landscape Range GREENLAND LAWN SEED BLEND – Our Premium mix of Tall Fescue and Fine Leaf Perennial Ryegrass for a quality looking cool season lawn 

Rapid Green BUDGET BLEND is a more economical mix of Perennial and Annual Ryegrass with Creeping Red Fescue for a quick cover cool season lawn with superior wear resistance. 


Warm season grasses are summer hardy and are more wear resistant than cool season grasses, making them tougher and more able to be mowed lower.  The most commonly known varieties include couch grass, kikuyu, and buffalo grass

Warm season grasses thrive during the summer months.  They are green and grow quickly, with most growth occurring when temperatures are between 25 and 32 degrees celsius.  During the winter months they go into dormancy and will often dull in colour and appear to brown.  As soon as the warmth returns with spring warm season grasses will colour up quickly again. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on warm season grasses as some varieties will spread quickly to garden beds.

So this means that their best for the following more temperate areas of Australia: New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. 

 If you want a more drought resistant lawn a warm season grass type might be the one to choose!

Advanced Seed LA PRIMA COUCHGRASS is a 100% blend of super fast establishing couchgrasses 

Landscape Range TURBOCOTE KIKUYU LAWN SEED is 100% kikuyu – an extremely wear resistant variety that has excellent drought tolerance. 


To overcome the problems with cool and warm season grasses you might like to choose a mix or blend of both.

It’s also common to OVERSOW a cool season grass into a warm season lawn and vice versa.  When the warm season lawn is discoloured during the winter months, the cooler season varieties will be thriving.  See our helpful OVERSEEDING page here for tips on how this can be done.  

At Great Aussie Lawns we have a wide range of lawn seed blends, that include warm season and cool season grasses.  They show their strengths in both seasons.

Our DROUGHT MASTER BLEND is a mix of cool season Ryegrasses (80%) with a Bermuda Couch (20%). 

Our ALL SEASON COUCH BLEND is 70% La Prima Couch grass with a 30% mix of Cool Season Fine Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass.


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