A good lawn fertiliser is an essential part of lawn care.  It's simple to apply, inexpensive and helps you create a great looking lawn.


  1. Work out the area of your lawn (length x width). You need 3kgs of fertiliser for 100sqm.

  2. Apply the correct amount of fertiliser evenly to a dry lawn. Using Earthway fertiliser spreader is the best method. See our range of Earthway Spreaders here.

  3. Fertiliser needs to be watered in soon after application.  Use around 4mm of water or enough to irrigate the fertiliser prill into the thatch and off the leaf.

  4. Be careful to sweep off all hard surfaces before irrigating as products can stain.

  5. Fertilise a minimum of four times a year.  Usually twice in Autumn and twice in Spring.


Use our Landscape Range All Season Reno Fertiliser (N:P:K 22:5:7) for all established lawns.  An application will last around 4-6 weeks.

Our Landscape Range Gold Pro Fertiliser (N:P:K 22:3:4) is for use when frequent rain or watering strips nutrients through the soil. It will provide a steady release of nitrogen over an extended period. 

For added iron look to our Professional Grade Best Nitrex Fertiliser (N:P:K:I 20:0.85:2:5) 

A Starter Fertiliser is essential when establishing a new lawn from seed, oversowing your existing lawn or getting your instant turf off to a good start. With a new lawn, apply a Starter Fertiliser at establishment then fertilise again approximately 4- 6 weeks after sowing.  View our Landscape Range KickStart Fertiliser (N:P:K 5:6:6) here

Some final tips for fertilising:

  • Where possible apply your Fertiliser in two directions, dividing your fertiliser to ensure even coverage.  
  • It’s always best to apply to a dry area then water in well once you have completed the job.  


Download a full copy of our FREE Step by Step Lawn Guide by clicking here.