Lawn Seed vs Instant Turf $$$ 

We’ve crunched the numbers for you when it comes to comparing lawn seed to instant turf.

When you see the savings we think you'll definitely want to give it a go!  There's a huge difference in the price of a lawn from an instant turf farm and a lawn grown from seed.  

Note:  To make it nice and easy we've compared an 100m2 backyard lawn.  

Buying a blend of Kikuyu and Ryegrass Lawn as SEED

For a 100 sqm lawn you’ll need around 1kg (sowing rate 1kg per 100sqm.)

What you need:



Buying a Warm Season Kikuyu Lawn as INSTANT TURF 

Most Instant Turf farms offer mainly warm season grasses like Buffalo or Kikuyu.  In this example we're using Kikuyu

What you need:

  •          Instant Turf $9.00 per sqm = $900
  •          Fertiliser for Free $0.00
  •          Delivery fee:  $99.00
  •          Installation: $1500


Over $2500 for a basic 100sqm instant lawn compared to less than a hundred bucks for lawn seed!

So, you can see that a lawn grown from seed can be a super cost effective way to transform your home garden. While it takes some care in the early weeks, once the seed has germinated and established itself it will be a beautiful feature of your home in no time at all.

If you’d like more information on seed blends or varieties for you home lawn or to speak to one of our expert lawn staff, contact us.  See how easy it is to sow lawn seed in our Step by Step Guides.

 *Prices are subject to change.