Our best Warm Season Lawn Grasses to Plant this Summer

Date: 27-Nov-2018

 Warm season grasses are summer hardy and are grown when soil temperatures are higher.  They are tough and more able to be mowed lower.  The most commonly known varieties include couch grass, kikuyu, and zoysia grass.

If you're looking to grow grass seed at this time of year, most Australians need to sow Warm Season Grasses*.

Couch Grasses:

  • Couch grass loves the sun making it drought tolerant
  • copes well with traffic
  • clever breeding means it's got a fine blade with good green colour.
  • Needs heat to grow meaning it's not suitable in certain areas and time of year to grow.

La Prima Couch Grass

Royal Bengal Couch Grass

Turbocote Couch Grass 


  • Holds up well to heavy wear and tear
  • Is Drought resistant
  • Kikuyu spreads and covers areas and it needs to be well maintained as it can end up in garden beds. 

Turbocote Kikuyu Grass


  • A very popular tropical grass
  • Should only be grown in tropical areas of Australia

Zoysia Grass 

To see what Warm Season Grasses are recommended for your area of Australia click here to view our STATE BY STATE LAWN SEED RECOMMENDATIONS.

*excludes Tasmania.