Advanced Seed Royal Bengal Couch Grass

Advanced Seed Royal Bengal Couch Grass

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Royal Bengal is a premium quality couchgrass that has excellent seedling vigour and early establishment. It has high turf density which reduces weed invasion. It is ideal for sports fields, golf fairways and general lawn areas.

It has excellent winter colour retention and high frost tolerance, making it the perfect choice for areas with mild winters to keep a green surface without oversowing.

A WARM SEASON GRASS.  Allow 2 months for establishment before the onset of Autumn in Southern States or before any significantly cooler weather.

Seed Mixture by Count:

100% Couch Grass


  • Very dark green colour
  • High turf density
  • Excellent seedling vigour
  • Good disease resistance
  • High heat, drought and salt tolerance


  • Ideal for use on home lawns, sports fields and parks
  • Excellent quality in warm areas of Australia
  • Tolerates poor quality, recycled and grey water
  • Extra winter colour retention
  • Very drought tolerant
  • Excellent for repairs of any couchgrass

Grass Type Characteristics:

  • Establishment Rate:  Good to Excellent (at optimum sowing time)
  • Drought Tolerance:  Excellent
  • Shade Tolerance:  Moderate
  • Heat Tolerance:  Excellent
  • Wear Tolerance:  Excellent

Bag Sizes:

  • Available in 900g and and 5kg bags.

Establishment Timeframes (at optimum sowing time):

  • Germination 5–7 days
  • First Mowing 18–21 days
  • Full Coverage 4–6 weeks

Sowing Rates:

  • New Lawns: 1kg per 100m2
  • Overseeding: 0.5–0.75kg per 100m2
  • Optimum sowing conditions 25–30 degrees celcius

Fertiliser Rates:

A starter fertiliser is recommended with all new seed sowing. When mowing commences switch to a regular maintenance fertiliser (like Landscape Range All Season Reno or Landscape Range Gold Pro at least once every season. Click here to view our Landscape Range KickStart Fertiliser.

Apply 3kg of fertiliser per 100sqm (30g per m2). 

Maintenance Fertilising:

It is recommended that a maintenance fertiliser is used at least once every season especially before peak growing times throughout the year.  Maintenance fertilisers can be used every 6 weeks for a regular boost to your lawn.

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