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Love these before and after pics from Lakeside Lawn Plus.  Ryan's business services the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle areas and he's getting some quality results for his customers!

He planted our Rapid Green Couch blend (a Ryegrass and Couchgrass mix) in the first week of June.  The cool season Ryegrass has provided the initial cover with the couch establishing in the coming months as the warmer weather arrives. 

Awesome work Ryan.  Check him out on Instagram: and

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Advanced Seed La Prima XD Couchgrass

A warm season variety of couchgrass this La Prima XD lawn was planted in summer and is establising really well.  See the before and after shots below...

Advanced Seed Penncross Bentgrass:


"I purchased a 1kg pack of Penncross Creeping Bentgrass to try on my 60m2 front lawn.  I'd never planted a cool season grass and had heard it was hard for the regular homeowner like me to grow successfully. 

Your seed was perfect!  Germination was quick and I achieved almost 100% coverage planting in April. 

(I have a few patches from setting the mower too low and scalping the lawn but I'll be overseeding a few areas later this month to get the full coverage!)”

Thanks again,

Adam Cirillo, Adelaide, South Australia

Advanced Seed Veracruz Couchgrass

Customer Update: Monash Council

This area was oversown with Veracruz Couchgrass last November. With a cool start it established well after Christmas and now the oval is 99% covered with Couchgrass.

With Winter on the way they've decided to oversow with a fine leaf Ryegrass to give it winter protection. Fine Ryegrass (Defiant TTT) has chosen for it's dark green colour.

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