How to Sow Seed 

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Prepare Your Soil

After you’ve chosen lawn seed that will best suit your project you can begin to prepare the soil for sowing. Make sure your soil doesn’t have any weeds, rocks, stones, grass or other debris in it. Use a rake to clear it out and flatten the surface as much as possible. For more in depth instructions on preparing your soil click here

Apply a Fertiliser Before Sowing

Give your new lawn the best start possible.  Apply a pre-seeding Starter Fertiliser to the seedbed a few days prior to sowing the seed or on the same day and rake it into the soil.  This will stimulate root growth and provide the essential early feed to get the lawn off to a good start. When sowing a new lawn use our Landscape Range KickStart Fertiliser applied at a rate of 3kg of fertiliser per 100m2. 

Spread the seed

For a good establishment follow the suggested sowing rate recommended on the product.  We have sowing guidelines on all our product pages.  

An easy way of sowing the seed is to divide the area into easily manageable sections and then divide the seed into as many lots as there are sections. Then sow half of the seed for one section from left to right of the section and then from the other half across the first sowing going from front to the back of the section. This will help ensure an even spread of seed over the area.

A Starter Fertiliser with higher levels of phosphorus will assist with the growth of your seedlings.  View our Starter Fertilisers Here.

For best results and germination ensure that your seed from Great Aussie Lawns is sown at the optimum time.  When you've sown your seed you then need to be careful to always water with a fine spray.  Anything stronger will remove the seeds!  During the establishing period for a new lawn the surface needs to be always kept moist.  If you get periods of dry or particularly windy weather make sure the seedbed is kept constantly moist until the grass is about 4-5 cm.  

It's also a good idea to protect the seedbed from kids, pets, and any other threats!

Ongoing Maintenance 

Once grown, your new lawn should be fertilised once in early Spring, again in mid Summer and once more in Autumn.  Fertiliser applied in early spring and mid-summer should have a good Nitrogen content to encourage growth and colour. View our Fertiliser Range Here.


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