Preparing Your Soil For Your New Lawn

Well prepared soil will give your lawn seed the best chance at germination and establishment.  By following a few steps to prepare the site you can ensure the seed will begin to grow within the best environment.  Follow these steps prior to sowing your lawn seed.

Step 1:  Preparing the Soil

  • Give yourself a few weeks to prepare your soil.  This allows time for digging and fertilising, while at the same time removing any weeds that might sprout during your preparation time.
  • Begin digging your area with a garden fork, spade or rotary hoe if you're working to a larger scale.  Remove any rubbish and stones.
  • After you’ve dug it’s a good idea to leave the soil loose for a few days or weeks.  This way you can water periodically or allow the weather to break down larger clumps.
  • Next rake over in a few directions in preparation for fertilising.

Step 2:  Fertilising soil before sowing

  • To enhance strong seedling growth use a KickStart Fertiliser like our Landscape Range KickStart Fertiliser which is high in phosphorus, promoting early root growth and establishment, but lower in nitrogen. 
  • Most Australian soils are lacking in phosphorus and will require this step to give your lawn the best start possible.
  • Spread the fertiliser evenly.  Divide the fertiliser in two and apply it in two directions, spreading the first half in one direction and the second half at right angles so the whole lawn is fertilised twice.
  • After spreading water the fertiliser in well.
  • For best results, use an Earthway Fertiliser Spreader.

Step 3:  Levelling and Finalising the soil

  • A home lawn doesn’t need to be completely flat but some time will need to be taken to ensure any holes or uneven higher patches are scraped or filled.
  • Finally rake and cross rake the surface, giving it a water if the soil gets dry before you sow your seed.

Congratulations.  Your soil is ready for the next step in your new lawn project – sowing your lawn seed!

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