Fertilise and Overseed Your Lawn in Autumn

Date: 01-Mar-2018

Autumn... it's overseeding time!  Give your lawn a boost, thicken it up and get it looking green after a long, dry summer.

If you've got a warm season grass and live in the northern states of Australia you can choose warm season grasses like couch, zoysia, kikuyu.  Just remember that warm season grasses need soils temps over 22 degrees to germinate and establish well before any change in temperature. 

Try these warm season lawn types to sow now:

If you live in the cooler southern states of Australia you should choose a cool season grass to oversow.  With temperatures dropping in the coming months before winter only a cool season variety like fescues and ryegrasses will germinate in the lower soil temperatures. 

Try these cool season lawn types to sow now: 

And don't forget your Starter Fertiliser for any NEW LAWN SEED SOWING.  A Starter Fertiliser will ensure your lawn gets the best start possible.  As a rough guide use 3kgs per 100sqm but you can find more details on choosing the right fertiliser here

Autumn is also a time to FERTILISE YOUR EXISTING LAWN.  Click here to read why you should fertilise in Autumn and HOW.

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