How to Fertilise Your Lawn in Autumn

Date: 06-Mar-2018

Following the stress of the summer heat your lawn will be looking forward to a boost with an Autumn fertilise!  Now is the time to provide your lawn with the nutrients it need to recover.

It's also about giving your lawn a pre-winter boost so it can cope with the seasons ahead.

Advanced Seed Renovator Fertililiser will provide just what it needs with the following analysis:  N:P:K 22:5:7

Nitrogen helps to bring back the green leaves in the plant following the summer heat, while the Phosphorus and Potassium give the lawn good root development, strength and disease resistance, especially important with winter weeds on their way.

How much do you need? 

Apply 20 - 30g per m2 or 2 - 3kg per 100m2.

You can make the job easier with a Broadcast Fertiliser Spreader like the ones shown below.  Click on the images to view our Earthway Range.