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Best Nitrex Fertiliser

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Best Nitrex Fertiliser

Professional grade fertiliser for high quality turf.  With 5% Iron.

Use what the professionals use.

N:P:K 20:.85:2 with 5% Fe (Iron Sulphate for excellent dark colour)

Nitrogen: 20%

Phosphorus: .85%

Potassium: 2%

Iron Sulphate: 5%


  • Fast acting excellent colour
  • Homogenous granules for even distribution of nutrients
  • Apply to a dry leaf and water in well
  • Suitable on all grass varieties


  • Apply 2 – 2.5 kg / 100m2.
  • Apply to a dry leaf and water in well.
  • For best results use a broadcast fertiliser spreader.

PLEASE NOTE: Sweep off all hard surfaces, concrete or stone paved areas before irrigating. This product may stain

Suitable to send to Western Australia.


View Safety Data Sheet (SDS) here.

View Product Sheet here.