Seasonal Lawn Care

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Seasonally, your lawn has different requirements.  This is particularly true in the southern states of Australia where climate varies more dramatically.  

A few tasks done as the seasons change will mean your lawn stands up to the challenges of each season. 

  •          Find out when to fertilise and what products to use. 
  •          Learn our lawn care tips to get a lush, green lawn.

Autumn:  A few quick tasks will prepare your lawn for winter. 

  • Established lawns need fertilising twice in Autumn.  Complete this once at the start of autumn and repeat 6-8 weeks later.
  • Fertilise with a high analysis product like our Landscape Range Renovator Plus Fertiliser.  It’s  high in Nitrogen for a great boost in colour, with results you’ll see in just a few days.  It also contains higher Potassium levels for strong roots and the ability to fend of disease
  • Top dressing your lawn is easy and effective in stimulating new growth.  Apply a mixture (usually made up of peat loam and sand) over your lawn.  Top dressing stimulates new shoots, promotes runners and encourages denser growth of grass.  
  • Aerate or spike your lawn in Autumn with a fork.  It’s simple and easy to do and will improve soil drainage and stimulate the growth of new roots.  Push the fork down with 30cm spaces allowing water and nutrients to enter the roots quickly and more effectively.

Spring - time to tidy up after the winter months, sow new lawn seed and fertilise before the heat of summer.  

  • Clean up unwanted weeds and have a general tidy up.  Eradicate Wintergrass and any weeds that have generated throughout winter. 
  • Lower  your mowing heights 
  • Now is the time to establish a new lawn.  Choose the correct seed by looking at our Lawn Seed Selector here.
  • Time to Fertilise:  A Fertiliser in Spring will promote stronger, healthier grass.  Soil temperatures are warming up so it’s better conditions for growing.  Use a Slow Release Fertiliser (like our Gold Pro Controlled Release Fertiliser) at a rate of 3kg per 100 sqm.  
  • Get the lawn looking tip top by Overseeding any bare areas that are sparse after the winter.  Overseeding is easy and will promote a denser lawn cover.  Great Aussie Lawns Rapid Green All Season Couch Blend is perfect in Spring.  The ryegrass is fast to germinate and the couch gives your lawn summer heat tolerance and hardiness.  Fertilise while overseeding with Landscape Range Starter Fertiliser.  See our Overseeding Guide here.

Summer – Time to enjoy your lawn but ensure it survives the hot months.

  • Watch your Watering:  We recommend longer watering, less often.  The water will penetrate better, gets down deeper and promote greater root depth.
  • Lawns can be grown now and is the time to plant Couch and Kikuyu as they need soil temps 25 degrees and above.  These varieties will withstand the summer heat once established.
  • Raise mowing heights to relieve turf of stress in the midst of summer. A longer grass length means the lawn holds more moisture and can withstand the heat of summer better.

Winter – lawns are slow growing but easy to maintain.  

  • Raise your mowing heights again
  • In the southern states, seeding can be slow due to lower soil temps.  Great Aussie Lawns can recommend when to sow based on your location.  See our Lawn Seed Selector page to check your area.
  • If you have a good cover at the start of winter it eliminates space for weeds to germinate.

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