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Date: 17-Oct-2018

Spring time is the ideal time to sow lawn seed. Whether you’re overseeding patches or creating a whole new lawn from scratch, the springtime is when soil temperatures increase and weather is warm enough for seed to germinate successfully to establishment.

Cool season grasses like Ryegrasses, Tall Fescues and Bluegrasses will grow very well in temperate Southern parts of Australia during this time when warmth comes back to the soil after winter and prior to the heat of Summer.

Warm season grasses like Couch and Kikuyu will grow well in early Spring in the Northern States and in Southern States when temperatures get consistently hotter in the latter parts of Spring.

When you choose your seed ensure you give it plenty of time to establish before there is a change of season and dramatic temperature change.

See our blog posts for each state of Australia where we show you which lawn seed to plant for your area.



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