What's the Best Grass for a Shady Lawn?

Date: 11-09-2018

Got a lawn that’s partially shaded? Then you need a shade tolerant grass that can cope with your conditions.

It IS possible to grow a lawn in a shady area if you choose the right variety.  

  • Fine Fescues are one of the most shade tolerant grasses available. They have a deep root system that means it’s more drought resistant.
  • Warm Season grasses like Kikuyu and Couch are NOT shade tolerant. These varieties love sunshine and heat – steer away from these if you have a shady lawn.

At Great Aussie Lawns we often get asked for help with lawns that have partial or near full shade from trees or neighbouring buildings. We’ve even developed blends that are perfect for this situation.

Rapid Green Sun and Shade Blend

We've blended these grasses to provide a clever solution to shade.  The cool season Fine Fescues are the most shade tolerant grass on the market combined with the quick establishing Ryegrass and the dark green colour of the Bluegrass.

Seed Mixture By Count:

  • 36% Creeping Red Fescue
  • 23% Hard Fescue
  • 21% Turf Type Ryegrass
  • 20% Kentucky Bluegrass

Rapid Green Shady

Rapid Green Shady Lawn Seed is ideal for repairing unsightly patches or for planting small areas of lawn in shady areas. It contains both sun and shade tolerant seed varieties and is blended with slow release fertiliser for superior results.  This blend contains granular wetting agent which will help the plant take up moisture from the soil. 

  • New Sowing: 200g box sows 8 square metres
  • Oversowing:  200g box oversows 16 square metres


Other Shady Lawn Tips:

  • Watch your lawn for drying out under trees.  Large trees can take up the supply of water risking your lawn drying out.
  • Remember, you can thin out branches to let light shine through to your lawn.