Lawn Tips Day 24: Overseeding and Topdressing + More Tips!

Date: 26-11-2020

It has been three and a half weeks since Ben seeded his lawn and the grasses are coming up beautifully!

  • Ben overseeded and topdressed with nitro top dress to help retain some moisture. When he overseeded, he uses the same lawn seed that he used the first time he seeded his lawn - Landscape Range Premium Blend.

The YouTube video says it all but these were our main takeaways:

  • Bare spots are normal!
  • No need to fertilise the lawn yet as this can be done after the first mow which, is around three weeks after overseeding and topdressing.
  • Generally, overseeding he does it two to three times, so buying a little extra seed it worth it!




BONUS: It's only Day 24 but Ben already got some stripes showing up on his lawn!

Watch the full video here.

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