Autumn Lawn Care Tips for 2020

Date: 01-Mar-2020

it’s been a tough summer for many around Australia, with bushfires affecting many of our customers.  At Great Aussie Lawns we’re certainly ready to welcome Autumn 2020 and the change of season.  And with the new season comes the chance to really enjoy our lawns.

We’ve got a few Autumn Lawn Tips up our sleeve that will help your lawn recover from the hottest season and look it’s best.

Lawns need fertilising twice in Autumn

Once at the beginning, and then 6-8 weeks later

Renovator Plus (N22: P:5 K:7) has just the right analysis for your Autumn fertilise.  It’s especially high in Nitrogen which brings the colour back to your lawn.

Remember, a good reason for putting in a little effort in Autumn is to get your lawn into shape before winter arrives and the temperatures dip.

Aerating or Spiking your Lawn will improve drainage in soils

For small lawns a simple garden fork pushed into the lawn at 30cm spaces will enable water and nutrients to reach the roots more easily.

Overseed Your Lawn in Autumn

An Autumn overseed helps fill in gaps and improves the overall look of your lawn.  Autumn is the time to strike when temperatures are more moderate.  See our overseeding instructions here.