Evergreen Turf Covers - ask yourself these questions

Evergreen Covers:  "25% more heat radiated back into the turf".

When Ordering Your Turf Cover, Check This Out:

  • Breathable – Does your turf cover allow for proper air and water flow?

  • Efficient – Does your turf cover have Smart Edge technology, reducing the need for extra grommets/hemmed edges?

  • Inert Fabric – Can your turf cover prevent any water, chemical, or dirt from adhering?

  • Ease of Use – Is your cover lightweight and manufactured in one piece?

  • Tight Weave – Does your turf cover prevent grass from growing through it?

  • Piece of Mind – Does your turf cover offer the best warranty, from a company with over 35 years of experience?

  • Coverage – Does your turf cover come in a full range of sizes up to 25,000 square feet?

  • Durability – Can your turf cover withstand cold winters, while offering quick germination and easy maintenance?

  • Reputation – Is your turf cover trusted by 28 host golf courses to the U.S. open since 1985?


     * Evergreen covers shown in a commercial size at Etihad Stadium.  Smaller sized covers can be used for smaller areas.