Lawns with Sun and Shade

Date: 12-Mar-2019

It's a fine balance when you have a lawn with full sun and a shady area.  Varieties like couch grass won't grow under trees as they need a significant number of hours of sun every day to thrive.  Combine that with extremely hot areas of a lawn that get full sun and it can be a tricky balance.

An Example of a lawn with a mix of Cool Season and Warm Season Grasses:

The home lawn above shows how you can use two different grass types to achieve a full grass cover when there are areas of full sun and shade.


  • Just using just one grass in this home garden wouldn't work.
  • The couch shown in this photo hasn't survived in shade
  • The grasses that work under a large shady tree are difficult to keep alive in full sun or a hot climate.


  • Sow Couch Grasses in the hot/full sun areas
  • Sow Cool Season grasses under trees/shaded areas

While the couch will go into dormancy during cold months the cool season grasses will be looking good.

If you wanted to keep the colour in the couch throughout the cool months it can be oversown with a fine ryegrass or fine fescue, remembering that these grasses can transition out when it gets hot.

Our Sun and Shade blend has been created to overcome shady areas and can be used in combination with varieties like couch.

Rapid Green Sun and Shade Blend:  

Seed Mixture By Count

  • 36% Creeping Red Fescue
  • 23% Hard Fescue
  • 21% Turf Type Ryegrass
  • 20% Kentucky Bluegrass

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