Rapid Green Budget Blend Lawn Seed 1 kg

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Rapid Green Budget Blend - An ideal lawn when quick cover and an economial price is required.  Perfect for home lawns, parks & landscapes where hardiness is required.

This blend is dark green in colour and has a great texture. Perennial ryegrass will establish rapidly and gives the turf superior wear resistance.

Rapid Green Budget Blend is a carefully chosen, economical blend with a high germination rate.

COOL SEASON Lawn suitable for sowing where temperatures are between 15 and 25 degrees celcius.  Cool Season grasses are suited to cooler climates and are at their best during the spring and autumn periods.  Suitable for areas such as Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, ACT and some areas of New South Wales. 

Seed Mixture By Count:

  • 50% Perennial Ryegrass
  • 40% Annual Ryegrass
  • 10% Creeping Red Fescue

Wetting Agent:

This Blend contains granular wetting agent to assist in moisture rentention.

Bag Sizes:

Available in 1, 5, 10 and 25kg bags.

Sowing Rate:

  • New Lawn Sowing: 3 - 4kg/100m²
  • Oversowing Existing Lawn:  use approximately half new sowing rate

Help Sheet:  How to Calculate Seed Sowing Rate

Grass Type Characteristics:

  • Establishment Rate:  Very Fast
  • Drought Tolerance:  Good
  • Shade Tolerance: Moderate
  • Heat Tolerance:  Moderate
  • Wear Tolerance:  

Fertiliser Rates:

To ensure successful germination it is essential to apply a starter fertiliser when sowing your grass seed. Click here to view our Landscape Range Starter Fertiliser.

  • Apply 2-3kg of fertiliser per 100sqm (20–30 g/m2)

Once established the lawn (usually two to three months) will require a high analysis fertiliser to continue to thrive (Renovator Plus).  For fertilising tips, click here.

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