Queensland Blue Couch
  • Queensland Blue Couch
  • Queensland Blue Couch

Queensland Blue Couch

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Queensland Blue Couch is a native warm season grass that has a soft blue-green appearance. It is suitable for tropical Australia and southern Queensland.

A WARM SEASON grass seed, Queensland Blue Couch is ideal in coastal conditions and will perform well in high humidity.  It does not have a high build up of thatch and is not as hard wearing as other couch grasses.

It is now a most popular species for landscape and garden usage. It has a soft texture with beautiful dark green/bluish leaves.

Queensland Blue Couch performs well during the warmer months, but can go into dormancy during winter when frost appears.

Is a suitable lawn for areas above South-East Queensland, where it does grow naturally. Not suitable in Tasmania.

*Seed is coated with Turbocote.

Seed Mixture By Count:

100% Queensland Blue Couch.

Bag Sizes:

Available in 2kg tubs and 5kg Bags

Sowing Rate:

New Sowing: 0.5-1kg / 100m²

Oversowing: 0.5kg/100m²

Help Sheet:  How to Calculate Seed Sowing Rate 

Fertiliser Rates:

To ensure successful germination it is essential to apply a starter fertiliser when sowing your grass seed. Click here to view our Landscape Range Starter Fertiliser.  

Apply 2-3kg of fertiliser per 100sqm (20–30 g/m2)

Turbocote Features:   

  • Moisture absorbent coating
  • Bright coloured coating material
  • Increases establishment speed through increased seedling vigor for quicker lawn cover.
  • Less opportunity for weed invasion
  • Improves plants ability to absorb nutrients from the soil
  • Stimulates root growth following stress due to disease, insect, extreme weather and foot traffic
  • Improves access of important nutrient and water to the root system
  • Strengthens both root and leaf of the plant to assist in guarding against diseases and weather stress.

Turbocote Benefits:

  • Retains important moisture around the young emerging seedling for significant improvement in establishment
  • Allows for ease of identification when oversowing
  • Promotes a sustainable healthier plant system. Best equipped to maintain a lush lawn.
  • Greatly improves recovery of both the root and leaf following
  • Better root health, better plant health, means a better lawn.
  • Stronger, hardier more robust plant - promoting, vigorous roots and a healthier lawn that is more resistant to stress from heat, drought and foot traffic.

Read more about Lawn Seed Coating here.