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What is the best time to sow a lawn?

For cool season grasses temperatures need to between 16 deg.C and 24 deg.C. (Southern States) For warm season grasses temperatures should be between 23 deg.C and 30 deg.C (Northern States)

How do I know I’m getting the best lawn seed?

Great Aussie Lawns provides only quality seed and has blending facilities on site for production.  We follow seed standards endorsed by the Australian Seed Federation and recommend that you use certified “named varieties” as opposed to cheaper inferior lawn seed that can be found in general purpose stores. Using quality seed will provide you with the best outcome. Seeds with low purity and germination may be cheaper but will often cost you more money in the long run. 

What is the difference between blends and seed varieties?

At Great Aussie Lawns we sell blends and straight seed varieties.  Our Seed Blends combine various grass types designed to enhance the quality of your  turf.  As certain grasses are stronger at different times of the year, a blend of seeds will get the best qualities of all the grass types combined. Always check the seed analysis on the product page to see what percentages are included in the packaging.

How do I prepare for a new lawn?

The better prepared the seedbed the better the lawn will be.  Remove all of the stones and other debris from the lawn area.  Ensuring there is good drainage is important (deep digging or aeration with a fork will help.)  Level off the space and be careful not to remove too much topsoil from any one area. Gently rake until a firm seedbed is achieved.  A Starter Fertiliser can be raked into the surface before seeding.  See our Lawn Sowing Instructions for more details.

How do I work out how much seed I need for my project?

All our seed has a sowing rate on the product page.  It will vary depending on the seed.  Calculate the area of your lawn and then the recommended sowing rate specified with each product e.g. 3 kg per 100m2.  See more details on calculating your sowing rate here.

Can I buy instant turf from Great Aussie Lawns?

Instant Turf isn’t available from Great Aussie Lawns.  Some of the Turf types available  can be purchased as seed via our online shop and it’s a cheaper alternative.  To view the price comparison between lawn seed and instant turf click here.

I’m on a budget and want a lovely lawn – what’s the best solution for me?

You’ve come to the right place!  Sowing your lawn from seed is MUCH cheaper than instant turf and isn’t as difficult as you think.  We recommend choosing your seed via our Suggested Seed by Location page, then choosing a product that suits your budget. 

I don’t have a lot of time to care for my lawn.  How much effort goes into maintaining a home lawn?

Lawns do require some maintenance to give you the results you want but well worth the effort for a natural, healthy lawn.  You’ll need to ensure regular watering, (which is dependent on the grass type and time of year), as well as fertilising, three times a year in Autumn and Spring and Summer.  Remember that a Natural Lawn adds value to your property.

When should I first cut my lawn?

When mowing for the first time it's important to allow good establishment of the grass.  Cut the grass for the first time when it's around 4-5 cm high. Trim lightly and gradually lower the blades to an ideal cutting height of 25 - 30mm. Mow regularly, trying not to remove more than a third of growth at any time.

How often should I water a newly sown lawn?

This is weather dependent.  Your newly sown lawn needs to be continually moist to ensure it grows.  If the weather is very warm and windy it may be necessary to water the seedbed 3 to 4 times a day to prevent drying out.  

I’m considering a synthetic lawn rather than natural – what are your thoughts?

At Great Aussie Lawns we’re passionate about natural lawns!  We wrote a blog post here and think that Natural Lawn gets the thumbs up every time.

Can I buy Sir Walter Buffalo Seed?

Sir Walter Buffalo is not available in seed form. You have to purchase instant turf or sprigs (not available through Great Aussie Lawns) to fill in bare areas.  If you’re looking to over seed, it's best to try to match the lawn or as an alternative you can use Tall Fescue seed in the cooler seasons and Couch or Kikuyu through the Spring and Summer months, but it's important to note that these grass varieties are not an exact match to Sir Walter.

Can I get Santa Ana Seed?

Santa Ana Couchgrass is not available as seed.  At Great Aussie Lawns our equivalent is Royal Bengal Couchgrass. It relies on warmth in the soil to germinate, so in Southern areas of Australia you should wait until after winter when there is consistently warmer weather before you sow.

My lawn has dead patches in it.  Can I lay down some seed to repair them?

Dead patches can occur in lawns as a result of wear and tear, disease or lack of moisture.  Overseeding is the best way to resolve this issue.  Rake the area to get rid of all the dead grass, topdress lightly if necessary and spread seed with a starter fertiliser and water.  Try to  use the seed of the existing grass when oversowing, however this is seasonally dependent.  See our page on Overseeding here.

I’m not sure what type of lawn I have?  Can you help me identify it?

View our Grass Types page to match your lawn. If you’re still unsure take a photo and send it to sales@aussielawns.com.au. 

What’s the best fertiliser for my lawn?

Lawn Fertilisers do vary and depend on your lawn’s needs.  Generally new sowings don’t need a high nitrogen product, but do need a phosphorus based fertiliser for establishment and root development.  (e.g Our Landscape Range KickStart Fertiliser) For maintenance of an existing lawn, a high analysis product (e.g. Our All Season Reno Fertiliser) with a high nitrogen component used for leaf growth and colour.  A high nitrogen, slow release product like our Advanced Seed Gold Pro can be used for extended nutrient supply.  See our Fertiliser range here.


Do I need to fertilise my new lawn as I sow it?

An application of a KickStart Fertiliser with a new sowing will really help with seed establishment.  Nutrients in the soil will become available to the plant and a stronger initial growing period will result.  Usually after 6-8 weeks a higher maintenence product product like our All Season Reno Fertiliser can be used. 

I want to green up my lawn quickly.  What can I apply?

A high analysis fertiliser well watered in should see a result in a few days.  Our Maintenance Fertilisers are here.  All Season Reno Fertiliser contains upfront nitrogen for leaf colour. 

Sports Turf 

How can I protect my sports turf surface over the winter?

Try to ensure your sports surface is strong prior to the beginning of winter.  Oversow couch if necessary as it provides a grass cover and growth.  Move winter training to other parts of the oval or another field.  Fertilise in Autumn for strong turf going into winter.  Use an Evergreen turf Cover for great results.  See the range here.


What products should I use for weed killing?

You need to identify the weed correctly before using the recommended herbicide.  Is it a broadleaf weed? (e.g. Cape Weed) or a grass weed? (like Summergrass) Broadleaf weeds need to be controlled by a selective herbicide when they’re young.  Large weeds can take several applications to eradicate.  A pre-emergent herbicide is usually the best solution for grass weeds. See our Herbicides range here.

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