Watering Your Lawn

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Established Lawns

All lawns need water in dry periods.

Watering needs vary depending on the climate, grass type and soil type. Generally Cool Season lawns (e.g. Bentgrasses or Fescues) require more water than Warm Season grasses (Couch, Kikuyu, Zoysia).

At the height of summer Cool Season lawns will need deep watering at least 2-3 times a week, while Warm Season grasses would require one deep watering a week.

As a general rule you should encourage deep roots by watering your lawn thoroughly rather than a light sprinkling more frequently.

During cold locations in winter, Warm Season grasses go into a dormant phase so watering them is not required. Watering at this time can even encourage wintergrasses and weeds, so it isn't advised.

Handy Tip: If you walk on your lawn and it doesn’t spring back – it needs water.

New Lawns

Extra care should be taken when watering germinating seeds or newly establishing lawns.

When you've sown seed you should be careful to always water with a fine spray. Anything stronger can displace the seeds!

Watering during the germination phase is the most important factor and the surface needs to be always kept moist. If the weather is particularly warm and windy you'll need to spray often with a gentle watering.

This can mean you need to be watering multiple times a day. This will ensure establishment and to avoid the seed getting scorched.

For more information about Warm and Cool Season Grasses click HERE.

In the summer months at Great Aussie Lawns we recommend  Wett Up to help with difficult to wet lawns.  Wett Up is a granular lawn wetting agent that helps prevent water repellent soils in your garden and lawn. Apply Wett Up 1-2 times each summer and save water from run off.  It's also non-hazardous.  

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