Mowing Your Lawn

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When mowing for the first time it's important to allow good establishment of the grass.

Cut the grass for the first time when it's around 4-5 cm high. Trim lightly and gradually lower the blades to an ideal cutting height of 25 - 30mm. Mow regularly, trying not to remove more than a third of growth at any time.

Do not mow whilst the grass is wet. If your mower doesn’t have a roller then the lawn can be rolled after this first cut. This will encourage lateral growth making a more closely knit turf. 

The best advice for mowing a lawn is “little and often”.

For the last few cuts of the year gradually raise the height of the blades.  Also follow this advice in dry summer periods. When mowing regularly the cuttings can be left on the lawn. With fewer cuttings it's recommended to remove them for use in compost or mulch.


While a new lawn is in it’s early growth stage weeds may be pulled out by hand.  While doing this be careful not to disturb the surrounding new grass seedlings.  

With established weeds, start by identifying the weed and then looking for the correct herbicide.  A broadleaf weed needs a selective herbicide as soon as it appears.  Larger weeds take longer to eradicate and may need multiple applications.  Grass weeds can be eliminated with a pre-emergent herbicide.  Please note if you use a herbicide there will be a period of time where you cannot sow seed as growth will be restricted.  Refer to the herbicide instructions for details.

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