About Us

The perfect place for Aussie families to rest, relax and play is a lush, green, natural lawn.

That's why we deliver the best quality lawn seed, fertilisers and lawn care equipment, Australia-wide.  Our Online Shop selects products from Australia’s leading importer at the best price.  With the highest purity of seed and excellent germination you'll get results.  You don't get that from a superstore ‘off the shelf’ variety!

So, we make it easy for you to create your own backyard paradise.  We have years of experience and the technical know how to help you complete your project. 

And we're a wholly-owned Australian company based in Campbellfield, Victoria.

Seed Blends & Varieties

Great Aussie Lawns offer a range of proven seed blends and varieties for home gardeners and larger commercial projects.  Each blend is designed to suit your individual needs, and will perform best in your location.

Lawn Fertilisers

Regular fertilising is an essential part of lawn maintenance.  Our Fertiliser range will provide your lawns seasonal requirements to ensure it's lush and green.  

Earthway Fertiliser Spreaders

Great Aussie Lawns imports the quality EarthWay® range of lawn and garden products.   The EarthWay® EV-N-SPRED® brand is the leader in broadcast fertiliser spreading used by homeowners and professionals worldwide.

Championship Seed Blends

Our Championship Blends are available for larger projects, including sports stadiums, council projects and school grounds.  We're supplied with premium turf varieties by the best seed providers in the US and NZ.  We only choose varieties that have passed extensive trial work overseas and in Australia.

Evergreen Turf Covers

Great Aussie Lawns are the Australian distributors for Evergreen Turf Covers. The best on the market, Evergreen covers speed up turf growth. Ideal for new seeding and oversowing, they provide rapid germination, allowing air, water and light penetration.  This greenhouse effect will warm the soil resulting in earlier leaf and root growth. 



We have blending facilities on site and follow labelling standards endorsed by the Australian Seed Federation.