NEW! Seed and Fertiliser Bundle for Autumn

Date: 30-Apr-2018

Our new lawns kits have everything you need to for your new lawn.

We've added bundles of lawn seed and fertiliser to the website to make it easier to complete your lawn project.  Buy a kit and you'll have everything you need.

Check out our COOL SEASON KIT with Defiant XRE Tall Fescue and Starter Fertiliser

COOL SEASON grass, this kit is suitable for Autumn and Spring sowing in temperate areas of Australia including Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Southern NSW, ACT and cooler climate areas of Queensland. 

Defiant XRE Tall Fescue creates a lush green, fine-leafed lawn that stands up well to wear and tear. It's used by Australia’s leading turf growers and is tested for our tough Australian conditions.  

Always use a Starter Fertiliser when sowing new lawn seed.  Advanced Seed Starter Fertiliser will ensure successful germination for your lawn seed.