New Blend for Rapid Green All Season Couch

Date: 01-Feb-2018

An updated product for the beginning of the year.  We've changed up the seed analysis in our Rapid Green All Season Couch mix while still retaining the Couch, Fine Fescue and Ryegrass for a great looking lawn.

Our new All Season Couch blend now has a mix of 24% La Prima Couch grass, 12% Fine Fescue, 64% Turf Type Ryegrass.  The biggest change has been the higher percentage of Ryegrass, which means we can keep the cost lower and it's perfect for Southern states of Australia.  It’s still got the benefits of the warm season and hardy couchgrass along with the cool season fescue and ryegrass.

There's still a wetting agent included to help the plant take up moisture from the soil effectively.

Sowing Rate:

  • New Sowing:  1.5-2kg per 100m²
  • Oversowing:  use approximately half the new sowing rate.