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A popular range on our Great Aussie Lawns website – the quality range of Earthway Broadcast Fertiliser Spreaders.  Made to last, utilise these products in your home garden or for larger commercial projects.  There’s a product in the range to suit all needs:

Residential Spreaders

The range of residential Earthway spreaders are useful for for spreading any seed or granular material.  Perfect for smaller lawns and priced economically.  The Earthway ES 1950 is a compact model which can be used for your season fertilising requirements, oversowing and planting brand new lawns.   

The Earthway ES 2030P Plus is a residential broadcast spreader that suits a larger lawn.  With a 30kg capacity it holds more product and comes with the option of a rain cover.  

Also perfect for smaller yards, the 7350SU Drop Spreader dispenses the material straight down from the hopper, minimising drift and avoiding the areas you don’t want covered.  

Deluxe and Estate Spreaders

For use on large lawns and high performance spreading over rough areas.

A lightweight, compact and effective broadcast spreader, the Earthway 2600A Plus from Earthway is another great choice.

With an 18kg capacity EV-N-SPRED design, the 2600A is ideal for spreading a wide range of granular matter including fertiliser, seed, salt and more across small to medium sized areas.  It can be stored easily and quickly, thanks to its low weight and small dimensions.  

Commercial/Professional Range

Earthway 2170T - This commercial tow spreader will provide even product distribution with the eV-n-SPRED® 3-hole drop system which will allow for balanced spreading of all types of granular material.  With the included tow hitch extension, the 2170T will fit all the modern tractors on the market today.   

Earthway 2170 - The Earthway 2170 Broadcast Spreader is a true Commercial performer 45kg capacity, the heavy-duty “Diamond” chassis & super-duty high-speed gearbox.

This mix of high performance and great price gives the Commercial user, or the homeowner with a large lawn, the capabilities of handling large areas easily.  

Earthway M30 Quickly spread fertiliser, food plot mix, seed and more from your ATV with the M30 heavy-duty spreader.  This high-volume 100lb/45kg rustproof poly hopper provides the capacity to get the job done in the minimal amount of time.  The M30 is equipped with a heavy-duty, high-torque, 12-volt motor located in the hopper, in a thermo plastic case to protect it from the elements and damage. The gauge& lever control assembly mounts to either side for easy“non-throttle hand” access.  Rain Cover is included.  

The EarthWay FLEX-SELECT Series of adaptable Commercial and Professional broadcast spreaders includes interchangeable trays.  The F-Series models with hopper sizes of 36Kg and 59Kg are ideal for any flowable material.

The 36kg F80 models of spreaders (including the PD and SD versions) are engineered for extremely accurate application rates, easy operation and long life.  Spread a wide range of materials accurately, effectively and economically using the interchangeable tray system for multiple materials and output rates.

All F80 models have a 36kg hopper and with the Earthway F80PD ('P' for Professional) benefitting from  a stronger body with a dual cone, making it easier to hold onto when spreading materials. 

The Earthway F80SD is a stainless steel version.  

The Earthway F130D is a 59kg hopper broadcast spreader.  The largest in our range of Flex Select Spreaders, again utilising the EV-N-SPRED® FLEX-SELECT Interchangeable Tray System for high or low output. 

Earthway Hand Spreaders

The EarthWay EV-N-SPRED® 3100 Professional Hand Crank Broadcast Spreader is your ideal broadcast spreader when you need to spread granular material in wet areas, over uneven terrain, or in places a push spread could not go. The 3100 can also be used for seed spreading.  

The Earthway 2750 Bag Seeder is corrosion, tear & weather resistant and is great for using over rough or uneven terrain where a push spreader won’t do.  A 9kg nylon bag hopper, it has a zippered top for easy filling and closure. The nylon construction allows for the bag to remain upright when filling yet collapse for easy storage. Complete directional control and spring to close shut-off makes this the ultimate choice in hand operated spreaders.  

Earthway’s 3400 handheld spreader Ideal for small areas or occasional spot spreading. An ergonomic spreader for use with seed, fertiliser and any granular material.

Designed with an integrated scoop design, the 3400 can grab the product out of bags or cans so you don’t need to touch the material you are spreading. Small, cost effective and easy to store due to it's compact size.  


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