How to Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

Date: 03-Apr-2017

Now is the time to get into Lawn Survival Mode.  Along with Autumn comes the drop in temperatures.  So let's get the lawn in shape for Winter!

A healthy lawn is also more likely to fight off attacks from weeds and invading grasses.  A lawn that's high in nutrients will cope with the rapidly dropping temperature.  And here's how:

Fertilise Before Winter

Applying a fertiliser is simple and at this time of year it's the most important feed your lawn will get.  A Pre-Winter fertiliser application will boost the health of your lawn, ensuring it can survive the cooler temps without losing as much of it's colour.  Use a Renovator Fertiliser like this Landscape Range one

Apply 2-3 kg per 100sqm of Fertiliser.

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Aerate Your Lawn

Compacted soil doesn't allow grass to grow or access nutrients easily.  Aerating your soil with a garden fork is a quick and easy way to allow air and moisture to penetrate.  Without aeration your lawn can become thin and bare.  Aerate your lawn before the winter to give it the best chance of thriving.

Follow the steps below to aerate your lawn with a garden fork.

  1. Use some force to drive your garden fork into the compacted lawn.
  2. When the fork is in the soil push back on the handle and to make a crack in the soil.  Repear this across the area that needs aerating.
  3. If you wish you can fill the holes you've made with sand or top dressing soil.  Spread the soil over the top using the back of the rake.
  4. Press down to fill in the holes, making sure it's evenly spread over.  
  5. Water your lawn thoroughly.  The gaps you've made will allow the water to penetrate the roots.

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Oversow Lawn Patches With Seed

Sowing new lawn seed into your existing lawn improves it's colour and gives it a boost.  It's an easy way to give it a more consistent, green look when the kids, your animals and the seasons are tough on it!

When you spread (or overseed) lawn seed into your existing lawn you’ll fill in repair any holes or patches, thicken it up and strengthen your lawn.  This helps to protect it from lawn diseases and any winter weeds.  Use a Repair Kit like this Rapid Green product or Shop For Your Preferred Seed here.

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