Best Sowing Tips from our Great Aussie Lawns Customers!

Date: 11-02-2021

Great Tips from customers who have sown our seed... 

"Lots of learning, from black birds to downpours and the postie walking across the muddy lawn. But all in all had great fun!"  Warm spring weather condition also helped to speed up germination progress." Goran, Bowral NSW

"I started watching youtube videos to learn what to do and came up with a plan of attach and that was to basically start from scratch." James, Macquarie Links NSW 

“Using the step-by-step guide downloaded from the website and reading the blog entries I knew I had all the information I would need to create the lawn of my dreams!” - Leigh, Dandenong North VIC

“The results was amazing if you do the job right for soils mixtures, Rotary hoe then add on top of lawn soil to level it and apply the seeds. Water the grass each morning and evening for best results soft lushy green grass.” - Mark, Greenvale

"Final task is watering the grass most morning and evening for best and soft lushy green grass." Ash, Greenvale, Vic 

“First I had to remove the old Kikuyu. I didn’t want any chance of that Kikuyu coming back! After that, I sifted the soil - twice. This removed all the rock and debris. This left me with a really great base. A fresh layer of sandy loam, levelled out all the lumps and bumps. Starter fertiliser went down and then the next day the seed. As the nature strip is a large and gently sloping section, I placed 70% shade cloth over the top to stop my expensive seed from washing away. This shade cloth also kept the bird and pests (like foxes) at bay and also gave the seed a bit more warmth. I kept the watering up by hand (no irrigation system) and got a great germination rate. Once the shade cloth was removed, after 10 days, I then let it grow a little more before overseeing to fill in some of the thin areas.” - Paul, Melbourne VIC

“I prepared the ground with a garden fork and plastic rake borrowed from a neighbour, no top dressing and used my feet to roll it in. Seeded by hand. I watched it like a hawk, watering 4-5 times a day by hand.” - Scott, Ascot Vale VIC

"After working out how much putting in instant turf was going to cost over 350m2, even doing most of the work myself, seeding was the only real option". Al, Geelong, Vic


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