How to care for your lawn in all weather conditions

Date: 11-Mar-2020

How to care for your lawn in all weather conditions


Melbourne is known for having four seasons in one day and after this season’s bushfires, it hasn’t just been Melbourne that has been experiencing that. Across Australia, the country has gone through extreme changes in temperature and weather so it’s no wonder your lawn is struggling to handle it.

Here are a few tips to help your lawn cope.

1)    Choose the right grass

Some popular warm season grass varieties include couch, kikuyu and buffalo. Couch is great because it’s hardy, tolerant and drought resistant which makes it perfect for outdoor spaces during summer. Unfortunately, couch grass doesn’t like shade so it’s not ideal for shaded areas in Melbourne. There are also many seed blends available that contain a few different grasses which could be a good option for Melbourne lawns given the drop in temperature from summer to winter.  

2)    Keep off the lawn

As much as possible. If your kids are constantly running all over the backyard then it won’t give the grass much chance to grow back.

3)    Let the grass grow longer

That’s if it’s been raining a lot and you’ve actually got long grass. Keep the mower blades as high and as sharp as possible. Longer grass blades will shade the soil beneath which keeps it cool and decreases moisture evaporation. Always keep your lawn mower in good condition so your grass is cut consistently.

4)    Mow dry grass

Mowing dry grass is not only easier but you’ll get a more even spread of grass clippings. Mowing wet grass will cause the clippings to clump up and be unevenly distributed across the lawn so you’ll have to spread them out after. Mowing on wet grass can cause your lawn mower to sink into the soil as you push it or sit on it, which can cause scalping. This makes it harder for your lawn to recover especially during hot summer months when it’s already stressed.

5)    Watering

The key to helping a lawn survive during drought is to make sure the root system is deep. That way the lawn will have access to moisture longer. It’s better to give your lawn a good soak a few times a week rather than a quick watering every day because you’re encouraging the grass to extend its roots deeper into the earth.  

Rob Shearer

National Sales and Marketing Manager SCAG Australia