Autumn arriving means it's time to fertilise your lawn!

You need to fertilise it twice in Autumn.  Once at the beginning (around March) and again in April or May.  

Both of these treatments will prepare your lawn for the coming winter, and if it's been a long, hot summer it will help with recovery.

We recommend Advanced Seed Renovator Fertililiser  N:P:K 22:5:7

It has everything you need to give your lawn a boost.

In this analysis the Nitrogen is high - for a bright green coloured leaf while the Phosphorus and Potassium will help with root development, disesase resistance and strength to fight off winter weeds which are on their way. 

Be sure to follow the application guidelines and water in your fertiliser after applying. 


Apply 2 - 3kg/100m2 or 20-30g per m2) 

Our most popular spreader last year was the Earthway 2600A Plus.  It's a helpful Autumn tool for your home lawn.

See it here.