3 Top Lawn Sowing Tips

Date: 31-Jan-2019

1.  Take time to prepare the ground before you sow

  • Remove stones and debris
  • Good drainage is very important so aerate as much as possible.  
  • Many of our customers purchase top soil from their local garden centre to improve the quality of the surface they will be sowing.
  • Level off as much as possible and rake across.
  • Fertilising before you sow is great (but it's also ok to fertilise along with the seed).

 2. Divide your seed into small batches

  • Divide your total seed into 4 smaller amounts. 
  • Using the seed, sow from left to right and then from front to the back. This will help ensure an even spread of seed over the area and makes it easier to get an even distribution.

3. Always keep the soil damp during germination and early growth stages

  • Seed that dries out during germination WILL NOT GROW.
  • Using a gentle spray (so you don't move the seed around) keep the soil damp.
  • Watch our for windy days too.  Growing seed can dry out quickly!

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