• Championship Range Raceday Perennial Rye Blend 25kg
  • Championship Range Raceday Perennial Rye Blend 25kg

Championship Range Raceday Perennial Rye Blend 25kg

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Championship Blend Raceday Perennial Rye Blend is a combination of perennial ryegrass selected to specifically meet the demands of today’s racetracks.

A blend consisting of the versatility and deep rooting characteristics of Super Nui along with the winter active “Matilda” and summer hardiness of Victorian, and you have the Perfect Raceday.

Seed Mixture By Count:

  • 40% Victorian Perennial Ryegrass (poa-free)
  • 30% Matilda Perennial Ryegrass (poa-free)
  • 30% Super Nui Perennial Ryegrass (poa-free) 


  • Poa-free varieties for weed-free turf
  • A Perennial ryegrass blend for optimum persistence
  • Provides fast response to post raceday wear
  • Provides winter amd summer active varieties
  • Densely tillered and upright growth
  • Super Nui for high endophyte insect resistance

Bag Size:

  • Available in a 25 kg bag.

Sowing Rates: 

  • New Sowing: 3-5kg/100m²/ 30-50 g/m²
  • Oversowing: use approx half new sowing rate.

Help Sheet:  How to Calculate Seed Sowing Rate 

Fertiliser Rates:

A starter fertiliser is recommended with all new seed sowing. When mowing commences switch to a regular maintenance fertiliser (like Landscape Range All Season Reno or Landscape Range Gold Pro at least once every season. Click here to view our Landscape Range KickStart Fertiliser.

Apply 3kg of fertiliser per 100sqm (30g per m2)

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