• Championship Range Sportsman Turf Type Rye Blend 25kg
  • Championship Range Sportsman Turf Type Rye Blend 25kg

Championship Range Sportsman Turf Type Rye Blend 25kg

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Championship Blend Sportsman Blend Turf Seed brings together all the essential qualities required for a premium turf surface.

Sportsman is a good fit for council sportsfields and parkland oversowings.  It has good wear and growth characteristics.

Seed Varieties:

100% Blend of Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass and Sportsturf Perennial Ryegrass.

Key Attributes:

  • High wear tolerance for sports turf, parkland and sports areas
  • Dark green colour
  • Quick establishment
  • Winter active

Sowing Rates: 

  • New Sowing: 3-5kg/100m²/ 30-40 g/m²
  • Oversowing: use approx half new sowing rate.

Help Sheet:  How to Calculate Seed Sowing Rate 

For oversowing, a percentage of this rate should be applied proportionate to the amount of existing turf cover. For moderate existing cover, apply at half the new seeding rate.

During sowing activity, a complete starter fertiliser is recommended at label rates to initiate rapid establishment.

Fertiliser Rates:

A starter fertiliser is recommended with all new seed sowing. When mowing commences switch to a regular maintenance fertiliser (like Landscape Range All Season Reno or Landscape Range Gold Pro at least once every season. Click here to view our Landscape Range KickStart Fertiliser.

Apply 3kg of fertiliser per 100sqm (30g per m2)


Seasonal application of a balanced NPK fertiliser is recommended to sustain a healthy sward.

Bag Sizes:

  • Available in a 25 kg bag.

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