New Herbicide Weed Control Products - Clear Up Bio and Kontroller

Date: 24-Aug-2017

Two new products to our Great Aussie Lawns website this Spring:  Kontroller Selective Herbicide, and SpraySure ClearUp Bio Herbicide.  

Spraysure ClearUp 360 Herbicide

Ideal weed control in all situations and environments.  

  • A non-selective herbicide - will clear out all it touches.  Perfect for a total clear before sowing new lawn seed.       
  • Controls of a wide range of unwanted grasses, broadleaf weeds, brush weeds, woody weeds and unwanted trees.
  • Non-Residual herbicide          
  • Ideal for clearing up weed problems alongside buildings, roadways, fence lines, recreational areas
  • Water soluble herbicide       
  • Easy to use, and measure
  • Low toxicity to humans and animals 
  • Can be safely used in a wide range of siutaions; in agricultural, horticultural, turf and home garden situations.
  • Special formulation with built-in 'aquatically approved' surfactant   Can be used in aquatic situations where weeds are difficult to control, ideal for control of weeds on margins of streams, lakes and dams in channels and drains.
  • Is absorbed by plant foliage and green stems and is translocated through the plant into the roots
  • Controls hard to kill weeds

PLEASE NOTE: When purchasing this product please view the Product Safety Sheet available here: MSDS

Clear Up Bio Packaging

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Spraysure Kontroller Selective Herbicide is an ideal combination of two active constituents, dicamba and MCPA. This utilisation of multiple modes of action allows the control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds.

To achieve the best results Kontroller needs to be applied evenly across the weed leaf surface; thorough coverage is essential, while best control is achieved when the weeds are young and actively growing.

Application can be made through a range of equipment with the aim of achieving good coverage, for commercial and domestic use in turf situations.  Follow the instructions carefully.

PLEASE NOTE: When purchasing this product please view the Product Safety Sheet available here:  MSDS

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