Spring 2020 - Tips For Your Lawn

Date: 22-Oct-2020

Let's get outside and fire up the BBQ again!  Spending time outdoors and feeling the soft green grass underfoot is such a pleasure after winter.  Now is the time to boost your lawn and get it back into condition with greener colour and optimum health before the harsh summer temps.


1. Clear away the leaves and let the sun shine on your lawn again.

2. Sort out winter weeds with our herbicides.

3. Choose a fertiliser with high levels of Nitrogen to green it up. While the Nitrogen helps to produce the green leaves in the plant, the Phosphorus and Potassium give the lawn good root development, strength, and disease resistance.

Recommended Product: Landscape Range Renovator Fertiliser


Landscape Range Renovator Fertiliser is high in Nitrogen for a great boost in colour, with results you’ll see in just a few days. Plus higher Potassium for strong roots and the ability to fend off disease.

N:P:K 22:5:7

Nitrogen 21.9%

Phosporus 4.7%

Potassium 7.6%

Note: If you have any patches or thin areas, oversow in Spring to thicken up and repair. Read about oversowing here.

4. As the soil warms upyour lawn will start growing faster so now is the time to lower mowing heights. Read about mowing here.


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